Turkish private lessons in Berlin

Study at your own rhythm: Tailored Turkish language classes in Berlin.

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Course format


  • Individually tailored to each participant and their goals.

Course Times:

  • Flexible schedule from Monday to Friday
    By arrangement and availability
  • Possibility of cancellation or rescheduling with 24 hours’ notice.

Group Sizes:

  • One to one
  • Two to one

Online lessons available.

Personalized, flexible, and goal-oriented: Your individual Turkish course.

Private lessons offer the luxury of starting exactly where you need it. Our Turkish individual lessons in Berlin are precisely designed to cater to your unique needs and goals. Whether you’re preparing for a trip, nurturing business connections in Turkey, or simply learning the language out of personal interest, we tailor the course content to your needs.

At DAS Akademie, the focus is clearly on active language use. From the very first hour, our qualified instructors encourage you to communicate in Turkish. We use authentic materials, real-life conversation scenarios, and interactive exercises to ensure that you’re not just learning words and grammar but truly living the language.

The advantage of one-on-one instruction is evident: each lesson is tailored to your progress, questions, and challenges. Rapid success is guaranteed.

Explore the nuances of the Turkish language with DAS Akademie Berlin in a customized one-to-one setting. Benefit from a learning environment that caters to your preferences and goals. Let yourself be inspired and embark on your personal language journey with us.

Turkish one to one