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Learn Spanish at Rosenthaler Platz – where tradition intersects with the latest trends.

Communication in the heart of Berlin - Spanish courses at Rosenthaler Platz.

Spanish, the language of over 460 million people, offers much more than just words – it’s a glimpse into a diverse world full of passion, music, and culture. Right in the vibrant center of Berlin, at Rosenthaler Platz, DAS Akademie provides high-quality Spanish courses for all proficiency levels.

From beginners to advanced learners – in our language school in Berlin, we emphasize practical instruction. Thanks to hands-on exercises, role-playing, and authentic teaching, our qualified teachers not only impart the necessary subject knowledge but also boost the confidence to thrive in real conversational situations.

Learning Spanish with us goes beyond just memorizing vocabulary and rules. It’s about immersing yourself in the language and engaging in real communication. Speaking is the central focus of our approach. While grammar, reading, and writing are important, we strongly believe that active communication is the key to language success. It’s not only about learning “proper” Spanish but also about expressing yourself confidently and authentically.

Discover the fascination of the Spanish language with us at DAS Akademie in Berlin and start an unforgettable learning journey in our Spanish courses!

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From the course room to the local community: Experiencing Spanish culture while learning in Berlin.

The rhythmic melody of the Spanish language reverberates not only within our classrooms but also on the streets of Berlin. With a growing community of Spanish-speaking residents, the city offers countless opportunities to practice the language in an authentic setting. Our courses serve as the perfect entry point to dive into this vibrant world. Whether it’s during a neighborhood walk, a visit to one of the many Spanish restaurants, or a spontaneous conversation in the park, Berlin provides you with the chance to apply what you’ve learned immediately and form deep cultural connections. Take advantage of the opportunity and become a part of Berlin’s bustling Spanish-speaking community.

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