Online English courses for children & teenagers

Play, Learn, Repeat – From the basics to small talk

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Course format


  • Individually tailored to each participant and their goals.

Course Times:

  • Flexible schedule from Monday to Friday.

    By appointment and availability.

  • Possibility of cancellation or delay with 24h notice

Class Size:

  • One to One

Child-oriented, youth-cool – A fresh take on learning English!

Nowadays, mastering the global language English is crucial. At DAS Akademie, your distinguished language school, we provide specialized online English courses for children and teenagers. These courses establish the foundation for fluent communication in this global language.

Whether your child is encountering the English language for the first time or wishes to deepen their existing knowledge, we are ready to offer targeted support in individual lessons. Our courses cater to anyone aiming to build a solid foundation for the future, whether for international school attendance or getting acquainted to daily life in a globalized world.

Each course is led by qualified instructors who have a passion for teaching children and teenagers. They employ a blend of proven teaching methods and modern, interactive elements to make the lessons both educational and enjoyable.

The success of our courses lies in individuality: Through one-to-one instruction, each student is nurtured and challenged according to their needs. The joy of learning always takes center stage. With dedication and enjoyment, we introduce young learners to the English language and prepare them optimally for their linguistic future.

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