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The Digital Revolution in DaZ / DaF Language Learning with MintiCity


Since 2007, MintiCity has been setting new standards in digital language learning for kids and teenagers. With nearly 500,000 students and over 13,000 teachers using the platform to date, MintiCity has established itself as a leading force in digital language education. Divided into three versions – MintiCity Kids, MintiCity Junior, and MintiCity Teenage – MintiCity caters specifically to different age groups, offering a tailored language experience for each learner.


Digital German Learning: A Modern Approach

MintiCity combines traditional teaching methods with the latest digital technologies to create a dynamic and interactive learning experience. This modern approach makes MintiCity an ideal learning environment for kids and teens. The platform adapts to different learning needs and speeds, allowing students to effectively and joyfully learn the German language at their own pace.

Gamification in German Learning: Learning with Fun

A key element of MintiCity is gamification, making learning more exciting and engaging for kids and teenagers. By integrating playful elements into the learning process, motivation and involvement of students are significantly increased. This innovative method transforms traditional language learning into a captivating experience that helps students learn German in a amusing and effective way.

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Minticity in the Classroom: Enrichment of the Curriculum

MintiCity is internationally used in schools to enrich and complement German instruction. Teachers utilize the platform’s diverse features to expand their curricula with digital elements and tailor the lessons to the needs of their students. This integrative approach allows schools to offer a modern and effective German instruction that is both entertaining and educational.

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Minticity for Schools: Digital Support for Teachers and Students

MintiCity provides valuable assistance to educators through a comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) that efficiently and diversely shapes lessons within minutes:

  • Simplifying the Teacher’s Routine: Automated management of assignments, evaluations, and progress tracking, ready-made modules for immediate and straightforward integration into lessons, and numerous of pre-organized worksheets—all aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
  • Varied Instruction: Customizable learning modules catering to diverse age groups and needs make varied instructions a breeze.
  • Encouraging Independence: The Flipped Classroom concept supports self-directed learning, where students grasp fundamentals at home and leverage school time for deeper activities. Many learning units are presented in a playful manner, significantly enhancing motivation for independent learning.


MintiCity for Kids: Self-paced Learning

Alongside the school version, MintiCity offers an interactive platform for self-learning with the Kids version, allowing children to learn German at their own pace and in a playful manner:

  • Self-directed Learning: Children can determine their learning time and explore educational content in a playful manner.
  • Parents as Learning Guides: Parents have the opportunity to accompany and support their children’s learning progress. We assist parents with accompanying videos in multiple languages.
  • Interactive and Motivational Learning: The combination of gamification and child-friendly content turns the acquisition of the German language into an exciting and rewarding adventure.
  • Maxi and Mini Versions: For children who cannot yet read and write, we have developed the Mini version. Upon reaching literacy skills, there is a seamless transition to the Maxi version.


Conclusion: MintiCity – Redefining German Language Learning

MintiCity represents a new era in learning the German language. By combining personalized learning, gamification, and modern digital tools, MintiCity provides a platform that appeals not only to children but also to adolescents. Schools and parents seeking a future-oriented solution for German instruction find in MintiCity an innovative and reliable partner.

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