Online German courses for children & teenagers

Customized learning in the digital realm – Achieving language success through playful and interactive methods!

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Course format


  • Individually tailored to each participant and their goals.

Course Times:

  • Flexible schedule from Monday to Friday.

    By appointment and availability.

  • Possibility of cancellation or rescheduling with 24 hours’ notice.

Group Sizes:

  • One to One

Individualized learning in the digital era: Online German courses for kids and teenagers

In the age of digitalization, an increasing number of parents are starting to realize the importance of online educational options. At DAS Akademie, we purposefully emphasize one-on-one instruction to cater to the unique demands and needs of each young learner. This ensures that the learning pace, content, and methods are perfectly adjusted to each child or teenager.

Recently arrived in Germany and approaching the start of school? Or already in school but facing language challenges?  Our online courses provide targeted support. They prepare children for the German school routine and boost their language skills, helping them feel confident and build connections more easily.

The lessons are conducted by teachers who have undergone specific training to work with children and adolescents. They make use of age-appropriate digital teaching materials to create an interactive and memorable learning process. With elements of playfulness and engaging topics, online instruction becomes an experience that fosters a love for learning.

A standout feature of our online courses is the option to incorporate the digital teaching and learning platform, MintiCity. MintiCity is built on gamification principles, making learning a playful and interactive experience. Children can acquire knowledge and independently monitor their progress through videos, games, and integrated self-assessments. This not only boosts motivation but also allows for personalized learning at their own pace.

However, it’s not just the technology that sets our courses apart. Our teachers are specifically trained to work with children and teenagers and bring ample experience in this field.

For certain age groups, there is the opportunity to add MintiCity as a supplementary tool, enriching the learning process and making language learning even more diverse and interesting.

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