Language courses for children & teenagers

Cultivating young talents, exploring languages through play! The launch into a multilingual future!

Begin early, reach far: Language classes for kids and teenagers at DAS Akademie

At DAS Akademie, we put a strong emphasis on sparking and nurturing the enthusiasm for language in young people. We firmly believe that early exposure to foreign languages not only enhances linguistic skills but also strengthens intercultural competencies and supports personal development.

Our summer and winter camps are a centerpiece of our offerings: sunny days filled with language and fun alternated with wintry adventures, where language learning goes hand in hand with the excitement of skiing. It’s an experience that leaves a lasting memory.

In addition to these special highlights, over the years, we have also established ourselves as a reliable partner for international school groups looking to experience Berlin while deepening their knowledge of the German language. A combination of culture, history, and language instruction that is unrivaled.

Our digital commitment is equally strong. With nearly 20 years of experience in digital learning methods, we are pioneers in providing high-quality and engaging online language experiences for children and adolescents.

Whether in person or online, in camps or in the classroom, the child is at the center of our focus. We create learning environments in which they can flourish and fully experience the joy of learning languages. Explore the world of languages with us and let your curiosity run wild!

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