English private lessons in Berlin

Individual, intensive, inspiring – Your goal, your pace, proficiency.

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Course format


  • Individually tailored to each participant and their goals.

Course Times:

  • Flexible schedule from Monday to Friday.
  • By appointment and availability.

  • Possibility of cancellation or rescheduling with 24 hours’ notice.

Group Sizes:

  • One-to-one
  • Two-to-one
Online lessons available

English private lessons in Berlin

Every person is unique – with individual goals, strengths, and challenges. At DAS Akademie in Berlin, we offer English one-to-one lessons that provide the learning environment you need to unfold at your own pace and take your language skills to the next level.

Intensity means more than just the frequency and depth of learning for us; it also involves a targeted approach to address your specific needs and requirements. With English one-to-one lessons, we can co-create learning paths that are precisely customized to your needs and your current proficiency level.

Our inspiring teachers bring a wealth of experience and expertise. They are not just experts in their field but also know how to make learning vibrant, relevant, and motivating. Your advancements are continuously monitored and jointly reviewed to ensure you are consistently on the right path.

Learning English with us is more than just that. It’s about building confidence in your skills, reaching your goals, and enjoying the process of language acquisition. Through the English private lessons at our language school in Berlin, you embark on the crucial step of your language journey. In addition to one-to-one classes, we also offer two-to-one options if you wish to learn alongside a friend.

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