German Evening Courses in Berlin

German Evening Courses in Berlin: For those who have specific targets and a tight schedule!

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Course format


  • 1 – 20 weeks (1 sub-level = 10 weeks, 1 level = 20 weeks)
  • One sublevel (e.g., A1.1 GER) lasts 10 weeks.
  • One level (e.g., A2 GER) lasts 20 weeks.

Course Times:

  • 2 days per week from 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM.
  • Either on Mondays & Wednesdays or Tuesdays & Thursdays.
  • 3 teaching units of 45 minutes each per day. 

Group Sizes:

  • 4 to 12 participants.
  • Average of 6-7 participants.

Come through our German Evening Courses at DAS Akademie!

Are you new to Germany or have you been living here for a while, and your daily life leaves you with no time to improve your German language skills? Whether you’ve just arrived and jumped into work or you’re busy with daytime studies – our German evening courses at DAS Akademie are perfect for you!

With the belief that learning should be enjoyable at any age, we’ve developed a course based on over 25 years of experience and over 30,000 satisfied participants from over 60 countries. In our evening courses as well, we place special emphasis on speaking practice while also enhancing listening comprehension, reading skills, and writing abilities.

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Unlock Success in Evening German Courses at DAS Akademie

In our German evening courses at DAS Akademie, we establish rapid fluency for real-life scenarios. Our courses are CEFR-aligned (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) emphasizing practical language skills.

Through training in everyday conversation situations and addressing relevant topics, we guarantee rapid progress in your language proficiency.

Why settle for a standard language course when you can enjoy an education with us that prepares you directly and effectively for life in Berlin? Explore our German evening courses at DAS Akademie now!

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At the moment we do not offer any class of this level.
You are welcome to check our website again for new courses.

Your Insight into Our German Evening Course

Our claim of being different is not just a slogan – it’s a commitment. Our evening courses are centered around the art of free conversation empowering you to communicate naturally and fluently in your daily interactions. Alongside, we dedicate attention to improving grammar and advancing listening, reading, and writing skills.

In our courses, you will meet participants in similar life situations with similar goals.

Don’t miss out – book your spot now and embark on your journey to success!”