Sie sehen gerade Learn German in Germany
Learn German in Germany

Learn German in Germany

There are many possible reasons why people learn a language, it may be for work, for school, or just as a hobby. No matter what the reason is, there are many ways to learn a language. Let’s take German, for example. You can study the grammar by yourself, go to school, find online friends who want to talk with you, etc. But the best way to pick up the language is simply to learn German in Germany.

Why Learn German in Germany ?

The Accent

Many people have different accents when speaking German, and some of them make it difficult to understand one another sometimes. We can guarantee that the German language can sound quite different depending on the region. If you want to sound like a true German and understand their accent, the best thing you can do is learn from a native speaker and continuously listen to the accent you’d like to pick up.


Every language has dialects – understanding them is a challenge, being able to speak them yourself even more so. Even if you speak perfect German, you might feel like you can’t understand it all because the average German speaks with some sort of dialect (especially in rural areas). Learning German in Germany means getting the chance to learn a unique form of its language; a German dialect.

Surrounded by the language

While it may be tough to learn German by moving to a German-speaking country, it will help you understand the language so much more quickly, because you’ll hear and read it everywhere. Basically you are learning German by fully immersing into a new environment. This motivates you to actively learn and speak German, even if it is only when paying in a supermarket. Learning German in Germany means you will be able to get used to everyday situations, make friends, get better job opportunities and actually understand what’s on the menu at a German restaurant.

Explore the country

What better way to learn German than to travel around Germany? We all hear so much about Germany while learning the language, such as the many regions, local food, nature, castles and big cities. If you learn German in Germany you can visit all these famous places. It’s time to buy that plane ticket so you can wander around in the Black Forest, visit Neuschwanstein Castle, enjoy a glass of wine at the Moselle area and much more!

German courses in Germany

The biggest advantage of language learning in Germany is that there are planty of qualified native speakers who can teach you the language. Still, finding the perfect match to your personality and needs isn’t always easy. If you choose to learn German in Berlin, a good language school like DAS Akademie can help you find the perfect language course and even accommodation.

You are always welcome to drop by the office for a cup of coffee and a free assessment test and consultation. This way you will know exactly what your level of German you are and which course is the best fit or you! At DAS Akademie, you are offered both intensive courses and evening courses.

Learn German in Germany at DAS Akademie Berlin

DAS Akademie values your learning process. Therefore, you will soon notice that the classrooms are open (no desks), the limit of students is 12 per class (so that every student receives the amount of guidance they need), and that speaking German is more important than cramming all the grammatical rules (+ the exceptions) in your head.

Make a bold move and make Germany your new home! There is so much to learn and discover. You won’t regret it.