Sie sehen gerade Football unites Berlin

Football unites Berlin

Football is the mainstream sport in the world, and Germany will host the leading competition in Europe, the Euro cup 2024 from June 14th to July 14th. Berlin citizens have noticed some changes. The Brandenburg Gate has become the largest goal in the world, this will be the perfect backdrop to welcome millions of people from all over the world.

On the inauguration, an opening concert on the 12th in front of the Brandenburg Gate will be the starting line for the fans so that the atmosphere will start before its time. Enormous groups of friends and family from everywhere are arriving in Berlin to enjoy and participate in this unbelievable experience. On the other hand, adventurous and lone wolves will be also part of it. To create synergies between both groups, Fan zones are distributed in Berlin so everyone can support their respective team as a community despite of being in a foreign country. There are 3 Fan Zones in Berlin; Fan Zone Platz der Republik, Fan Zone Brandenburg Gate and Fan meeting Point Alexanderplatz.

There are some appealing perks of living this fascinating experience in the German capital. For instance, the final will take place at the Olympiastadion of Berlin. Apart from it, it is the main venue for the competition. Therefore, it will be the stadium that will host the most matches in the month of the tournament. Not only is it a matter of football, but there are countless activities to perform during the stay in Berlin.

Here is a summary of all UEFA EURO 2024 matches at the Olympiastadion Berlin:

  • 15 June 2024: Spain – Croatia
  • 21 June 2024: Poland v Austria
  • 25 June 2024: Netherlands-Austria
  • 29 June 2024: Round of 16 2024
  • 06 July 2024: Quarterfinals
  • 14 July 2024: Final (21.00 CEST)

The UEFA Euro 2024 will be more than just a football tournament; it will be a celebration of unity and culture in Berlin. Fans from all over the world will come together to enjoy not only the matches but also the vibrant atmosphere and rich history of the city. With its fan zones and the historic Olympiastadion hosting numerous key games, Berlin will be the heart of this international event. As the final match concludes on July 14th, the city will have showcased football’s unique ability to bring people together from diverse backgrounds, leaving lasting memories for all who attend.